The Inside Story Of The Spot Dance Center

Inside The Spot, Like them on Facebook !

Inside The Spot, Like them on Facebook !

Inspirational Wall Created by Photographer Jason Lam

Inspirational Wall Created by Photographer Jason Lam

The Spot is located in the heart of china town, 6, R,N,Q, J trains to Canal Street.


A California dreamer, representing the Bay area Robyn Baltzer has gifted the community with a dance studio to call home. Unlike the rest, this studio strictly focuses on urban street styles, highlights the social dance of the Hustle and even provides a ear training music class to build one’s musicality. What other studio provides this? That’s right, no other than The Spot Dance Center. Rep your Style took a visit to the freshly constructed studio with its fresh smell of newly planked floors and sleek look to provide an inside interview with owner to get the scoop about what lead to the opening of “The Spot”.

Robyn eight years ago took a risk to move to New York City to take her studies in musical theater, contemporary/modern and street style dance to new heights. In her journey she came across the social dance of the Hustle and now stands as an international teacher of New Style Hustle along with her partner Jeff Selby. She states that her life changed when she was injured being on tour with Cirque Du Soleil, she began to question her purpose, her goals and when she returned from the tour, she began to explore deeper into the underground dance scene. It was at Funk Box NYC where she became connected to Jeff and her life took flight into a different direction she called fulfilling. At a very young age, Robyn knew she wanted to be a dance studio owner, she was inspired by the entrepreneur teachings of her parents. At the age of 21, she owned her first dance studio, but after a year in operation she realized she wanted to dance, so she then eventually moved east to live out that dream. From her experience in New York, she found that there was no center or home for strictly street and underground styles. So she took a stand to create a platform, to provide a space where dancers can grow and get proper education in the urban dance styles. As she states,” I’m happy with this world, I’m happy with this life and I want to support it more and contribute. So that was my inspiration.” In reference to why she opened “The Spot”.

She currently provides 15-20 classes a week, in styles like House, Hip Hop, Waacking, Vogue, New Style Hustle, Locking, Popping, Freestyle and Musicology (Ear Training). SO GET IN THERE AND TRAIN! In the near future “The Spot” will provide Breaking workshops, children’s program, fitness programs and an international exchange program. Want more information on the schedule and rates? Check out the site

Robyn Baltzer Owner of The Spot Dance Center

Robyn Baltzer Owner of The Spot Dance Center


Next Exclusive Workshop brought to you By The Spot Dance Center

Next Exclusive Workshop brought to you By The Spot Dance Center




Last Tuesday we started a free workshop to start a weekly class with our reputable member Kid Glyde. Check out what we have in store for you!!

This is the event link with details.

Rep Your Style Academy presents

2014-08-29 11.16.07

Weekly Breaking Workshops with Kid Glyde


Ripley Grier

520 8th Avenue

New York, NY






Every 3 months we will have a competition to test out our skills against each other!!!!!

Kid Glyde will take you through different fundamentals and techniques that have been passed down by his father and crew, Dynamic Rockers, who have been a legendary influence within the Breaking Culture. With knowledge of his own experiences and of the secrets passed down from generation to generation, Kid Glyde is well suited to share knowledge of the old and new school. Competing world wide and with numerous international titles, Kid Glyde is still up to date in what is an effective bboy in the cyphers or in your favorite competition. Whether your a cypher head or competitive dancer, he has what it takes to improve your skill in a faster rate.

Join us this month as we explore the art of Breaking.

Every month we will have different focuses and intentions.

The month of September is

Back To School!!!

It’s self explanatory, this month will focus on teaching movements that will help to progress your form, creativity and ability. It’s time to go back to school and learn how to advance by going back to foundations that you probably missed. Be ready to be schooled!

Check out this months Itinerary

September 2nd, Step to the beat-

Build up your knowledge of break beats and how to effectively dance with your arsenal to the music. Learn to become one with the music and fully express yourself.

September 9th, The Next Slide-

Learn cool and intricate ways to slide and use the entire space that you are given, either on a large stage or a small cypher. Slides and glides are good transitional moves that will help you be more dynamic and clean from move to move.

September 16th, Dynamic Movement-

In this extreme workshop, Students will experience how to make movements bigger and more powerful. Learn how to do less and make is seem like it’s so much more. Also explore how to change levels to create a more dynamic style.

September 23rd, Creative Steps-

Here we take many foundational steps and movements and learn how to create our own. We will also find out how to use the tools we already have to create new and innovative ways to express ourselves.

September 30th, Power Footwork-

The month has to end with a bang! In this final installment of “Back to School”, footwork will be explored in another way. In a way that expresses more athleticism, strength and balance. Ken Swift said it himself, Footwork can be just as difficult as power. He is the one who coined it “Power Footwork”. But of course we got a Dynamic style to it. Come and check it out!!!

Bio of Kid Glyde

Victor “Kid Glyde” Alicea’s credo is “If you can conceive it, you can achieve. it” At thirty years old, Kid Glyde has already achieved much of what he has conceived—and won’t be stopping anytime soon. Hailing from Queens, New York, Kid Glyde is the president of the acclaimed NYC b-boy crew, The Dynamic Rockers, which he not only inherited, but has also revived. He has appeared in acclaimed dance movies such as Step Up 2 & 3, Bumper, Pressure, and the b-boy documentary All Out War. He is also the principal actor in “I Break NY”, a webisode series about Kid Glyde and the Dynamic Rockers’ struggles and triumphs in 2009. He is the son of legendary Glyde of the original Dynamic Rockers and has been breaking for sixteen years, starting with lessons from both his father and Kid Freeze. After his first major battle victory in 2006 at the Universal Zulu Nation B-boy/B-girl Throwdown, he has only continued further with his success as a b-boy. He has taken titles at major battles such as the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary Battles in 2007 and 2008 and won Eurobattle 2009 with his crew. He also represented the USA in the 2009 Red Bull BC One competition, the most prestigious 1 v. 1 b-boy battle in the world. Recently, Kid Glyde and the Dynamic Rockers have been taking battles by storm, winning first place in the Masters of the Art 6 battle in NYC, Funk What U Heard in Connecticut, and representing the USA at IBE (International Breaking Event), the largest international b-boying tournament. Kid Glyde even organizes major events himself, such as the famous B-boy Massacre series and the unique Octagon NYC battles. He also teaches and is the featured b-boy expert for, an online tutorial website. Kid Glyde remains a prominent and inspirational b-boy in the hip-hop community and continues to take b-boying culture to the next level.

Exclusive interview with Slicc! Winner of Rep Your Style International 2014!

All the way from Mars, Rep Your Style would like to feature RYS International winner Slicc. Slicc was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 20 this flexer is achieving titles in the flexing community and now the Rep Your Style International title. On June 13, 2014 he takes the win at Dynamic Rockers Crew 35th year anniversary. Every year the crew hosts a RYS competition, winners of each style received a handcrafted trophy from 5 Pointz curator, Meres One and overall winner (Slicc) received the grand cash Prize of $1,000. Here is an inspirational interview from an inner city kid with a lot of heart and big dream.

Slicc of Main Event Winner of Rep Your Style International

Slicc of Main Event
Winner of Rep Your Style International

RYS: When did you start dancing?

SLICC: I started dancing at the age of seven and Flexing at the age of eleven. It wasn’t until thirteen that I took it seriously.

RYS:Who inspired you?

SLICC:There are a lot of things that inspired me, but my mom was the main reason. She is a dancer and supports everything that I do. Also shout out to Regg Roc (RYS Flexing Ambassador). He really changed my life. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know where I would be. Maineventt 2 Di Fullest!

RYS: Any creative dance concepts that help you create?

Slicc: My dance concepts are “Straight From Mars but I have different concepts like turning life experiences into a lyrical story tale.

RYS: What is your ultimate goal as a Flexer and even a dancer?

Slicc: MY ultimate goal as a Flexer is to show the world what flexing really is. To make them understand it’s not all about twisting up your arms.

RYS: What was your latest project?

Slicc: Yea I was in a tour in Europe. Germany, in Different towns like Manhanniem, Baden, Baden, Bremen, Mainz, Frankfurt & then I went to Switzerland.

RYS: Any artist you want to dance for? Why?

Slicc: If I had to choose an artist I wanted to work with it would be Rihanna because all her music gives culture Reggae Feel to It!

RYS: What was your experience like winning at Rep your style?

Slicc: My experience winning at Rep Your style was a great. Giving the judges and crowd something different To Talk about until the Next Rep Your style.

RYS: What’s your Motto?

SLICC:I am Flexing’s Own MainEventt, Slicc!

Check him out in this video below at Rep Your Style International!!!

Give it up to Slicc for winning this event and being a part of the Rep Your Style team. Be sure to see him in upcoming Rep Your Style projects and of course his own. You can check him out in the links below.

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