Rep Your Style International and BBoy Massacre will be on June 13th!!!

1v1 $1000 for the ultimate winner!!! Plus prizes and giveaways for each winner of each style!

For full event details follow this link below


Red Bull Music Academy Is Back and Starts with a Bang!!!!

Hey guys! The Red Bull Music Academy is back this year and it’s starting with a huge dance event!!! It’s going to be amazing. Featuring 4 dance genres with amazing talent for each one.

The following Genres and their specific artists are as follows:

BRUK UP/FLEXING with Bobby Konders + dancers Bones the Machine, Drew Dollaz, Samiam, Ghost.
VOGUING with DJ MikeQ and MC Kevin JZ Prodigy + dancers Javier Ninja, Leiomy Prodigy and Dashaun Evisu.
HOUSING with Todd Terry + dancers Eriko, Cricket, Princess Lockeroo.                                                                                                             JERSEY CLUB with DJ Sliink and Mike Gip + dancers SoSo, Fiinesse and Emanni.

Wow! What  line up! I can’t wait.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar

For more info check out the link below!!!! Plus there’s also details on how to get a free ticket. Please don’t miss out!!! This will definitely be a dance event to be at!!!



Rep Your Style Academy coming to a School near you!!

Melanie and I (Kid Glyde) taught last Sunday at Inspiration Dance in Maplewood, NJ! The kids loved it and enjoyed it. Please check out the pictures below. And feel free to contact us for your school. We will be there!!!!

Melanie did a Vogue class which followed by Kid Glyde’s breaking class! Wow it was sooo intense!!

Thanks Dancette!!!

Inspirational Dance group

Inspirational Dance group

kid glyde teaching breaking

At the end of the day it's all smiles after hard work!

At the end of the day it’s all smiles after hard work!

Juste Debout USA vs Rep Your Style Videos

On December 6th, we had exhibition battles to launch off the Juste Debout weekend. The pre-party began with a boom check out the fire!!! We had the best of both dance events go head to head to represent their styles!!!

Locking vs. Lite Feet

Hurrkiane vs Sylencer

Popping vs Flexing

Boogie Frantic & Jrock vs Klassic & Element

House vs Breaking

Urban Artistry vs United Outcast


Pleas leave your comments below and vote for who you thought won!!!