Stretch with Michele Bendy “For the Traveling Competing Dancer”

Michele Bendy On her flight to Ecuador

Michele Bendy On her flight to Ecuador

Do you travel often? Do you feel it throws off your commitment to stretch and condition your body? Does traveling take a toll on your body?

This article is dedicated to the Ambitious Competing Traveling Dancer.

I’ve been traveling for about a week now in Ecuador.  I’m TERRIBLY SORRY it took me forever to get this out but I don’t always have access to wifi especially in the Amazon.  It’s been a WONDERFUL journey traveling all over the country.  Although, it’s BEAUTIFUL to see these quite charming cities and towns but my back was suffering from being in the same position.  Six hours on the plane to Ecuador 4 hours to the Amazon 6 hours to another city you catch my drift.  I could not possibly ask the pilot or the tour guide to make a pit stop because Michele Bendy needed a BENDY BENDY session.  So what helped me tremendously was this seated hip stretch.  You dancers who travel all over the country all over the world competing this pose is for you.

In your seated position lengthen the spine through the crown of the head.  Engage abdominal muscles pull towards the spine.  Place the right ankle slightly above the left knee.  Flex the right foot to protect the knee.  Continue sitting nice and tall with the spine erect and ridge.  Activate the right leg by flexing the foot and begin to pull the right knee towards floor.  Continue elongating the spine and fold at the hips.  As your fold over the thighs extend the sternum forward.  Repeat with your left leg.

Stretch until you feel a gentle stretch.  Never go beyond your limit.  Hold the stretch in that position.  And mostly importantly BREATHE.

Quote By Expert Michele Bendy 
“Stretching shouldn’t be bad pain it should PRODUCTIVE PAIN”