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Michele Bendy in a Bridge

Michele Bendy in a Bridge

The Bridge is an advanced Position.  It should be performed after warming up core and back muscles.  Strong abdominal and back muscles are prerequisites to a proper bridge.  Along with strengthening core and back muscles lower back flexibility hip flexor and shoulder mobility are essential to reach a full bridge.

Lie on you back facing up.  Bend your knees with feet flat on the ground with heels a few inches away from your sitting bones.  Bend your arms with elbows pointing the ceiling.  Plant the hands beside your ears with fingers facing your shoulders.  Press your feet and hands firmly into the floor.  Pinch your shoulder blades and expand chest.  Lift the tailbone towards the pubis.  Exhale lift your head off the floor and straighten your arms as much as possible.  If you lack shoulder mobility or strength you may remain on the crown of the  head.
It is imperative that your work on hip and shoulder mobility.  Tight hip flexors and shoulders cause the back to do all the work.  Using a few vertebral joints as oppose to stretching the entire spine may lead to joint inflammation.  Please equally distribute mobility.
Quote from the expert Michele Bendy
What can I say a Bridge can also be a dance move only a better reason to make it look gangster!!! So Practice!!!

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