Weekly Stretches With Michele Bendy 5!

Michele Bendy assisting Mike Fresh From the Supreme Beings Crew

Michele Bendy assisting Mike Fresh From the Supreme Beings Crewe

Image above can only be done by a professional. So in other words don’t try this on your friends PLEASE !!

The Cobra pose is our focus of the week it is said that it has healing powers in alleviating, stress and depression. If you’re a resident of any city this is definitely a great pose to practice to just get through the day. It also relieves discomfort in the neck, muscles in the back and abdomen. So lets get snakey in this multi-beneficial pose.

Proper Form

To start lay on your stomach facing down. Legs fully stretched back with tops of the feet flat on the ground. Splay hands planting below shoulders and hug your elbows into the body.Press the tops of the feet into the floor engaging thighs and firming buttocks. Firmly press your hands into the floor and begin to straighten your arms. Lift torso off the floor, keeping pubic bone pelvis resting on the floor. Important to keep elbows pinned to the body. Continue pressing the tops of the feet into floor and engaging thighs along with gluteal muscles. Evenly bend the entire spine, engage abdominal muscles to support and protect lower back.  Press upper spine against chest. This poses stretches intercostal muscles (between ribs) maximizing the capacity of your lungs. Hold pose for 15 to 30 seconds


Quote from the expert Michele Bendy
“The challenge is getting on that mat and getting on that dance floor…the easy part is the PRACTICE and so is the DANCE”

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