Weekly Stretches By Michele Bendy 3!

Splits, splits and more splits! This weeks focus is yes SPLITS. The importance of splits is to stretch the hamstrings, back of thighs, hip flexor and overall the whole leg. We can’t express enough how stretching regularly can prevent injury, also improve posture, technique, speed up metabolism, improve circulation and give you the power you need as a dancer. Please feel free to comment for Michele Bendy to reply to you with insight and tips.

Begin with Down dog Split

Begin with Down dog Split

Down Dog Split

Find your downward facing dog. Lift the right leg up keeping the hips leveled. Activate the leg by either flexing the foot or pointing the toes.

Standing Split
Standing split

From your Down Dog Split bring the right foot fwd meet the right thumb. Balance on your right leg elevating your left leg keeping the hips leveled flex the foot or point your toes. Straighten the right leg as much as you can and engage the Quad. If you are having difficulty balancing or straightening the leg use blocks. If possible grab a hold of your right ankle with your right hand drawing the chin towards your shin. As your drive yourself in lift the left leg higher.

Half Split
Half split

From your Standing Split lower into a low lunge left knee resting on the floor. Extend the right leg and flex the right foot. Slide your heel back plugging the thigh bone into the hips socket so that the hips are squared.

Full Split
Full Split

From your half split start to extend the legs without losing the alignment of the hips. If you do not have a full split use blocks for balance. Get the shoulders over the hips. Flex the foot and hold for 10 seconds…Keep the leg engaged and point the toes and hold for another 10 seconds. Flex the foot and arms up if possible. If you do have a full split come off the floor a few inches bring awareness to your hips and lift arms over head. This will help to strengthen in hips and legs.

Quote from the expert Michele Bendy
Want to get hardcore with it then it’s all about the splits.

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