Weekly Stretches by Michele Bendy 1!

If you are reading this blog and you’re a dancer we like to ask you a question. Are you stretching regularly? Actually are you stretching daily? Yoga/Stretch expert Michele Medina will be guiding the dance community in weekly stretches to prevent injuries, becoming flexible with fast results and tips on how to condition your body for those show stopper moves.

This week we will begin with wall lunges, utilizing the wall will provide support, getting a deeper stretch and locking in the alignment. These three stretches focuses on opening the hips for results in splits and even back bends.

90 Degrees
90 Degree

Start with right leg forward left knee on the floor, with shin pressing against wall. Make sure right leg is forming a 90 Degree angle, thigh parallel to the floor and shin perpendicular to the floor. Bring the rib cage in, tilt pelvis forward. Hold for at least 30 seconds and change legs.

Hip Flexor
Hip Flexor Stretch

Same as the 90 degree except now you will extend public bone. Walk right leg forward so that knee is not going beyond the toes. There is a slight back bend, pull abdominal muscles in towards the spine.


Same as above extend front leg flex foot and engage quads so you give hips support. Plug in thighbone into hip socket and breath.

Quote from the expert Michele Bendy

“It depends on the dancer, I recommend stretching 1 hour, two or three times a week but if you want serious results it’s a hour to two at minimum a day. The more you commit the more you will get bendy bendy!”

Exclusive interview with Slicc! Winner of Rep Your Style International 2014!

All the way from Mars, Rep Your Style would like to feature RYS International winner Slicc. Slicc was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 20 this flexer is achieving titles in the flexing community and now the Rep Your Style International title. On June 13, 2014 he takes the win at Dynamic Rockers Crew 35th year anniversary. Every year the crew hosts a RYS competition, winners of each style received a handcrafted trophy from 5 Pointz curator, Meres One and overall winner (Slicc) received the grand cash Prize of $1,000. Here is an inspirational interview from an inner city kid with a lot of heart and big dream.

Slicc of Main Event Winner of Rep Your Style International

Slicc of Main Event
Winner of Rep Your Style International

RYS: When did you start dancing?

SLICC: I started dancing at the age of seven and Flexing at the age of eleven. It wasn’t until thirteen that I took it seriously.

RYS:Who inspired you?

SLICC:There are a lot of things that inspired me, but my mom was the main reason. She is a dancer and supports everything that I do. Also shout out to Regg Roc (RYS Flexing Ambassador). He really changed my life. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know where I would be. Maineventt 2 Di Fullest!

RYS: Any creative dance concepts that help you create?

Slicc: My dance concepts are “Straight From Mars but I have different concepts like turning life experiences into a lyrical story tale.

RYS: What is your ultimate goal as a Flexer and even a dancer?

Slicc: MY ultimate goal as a Flexer is to show the world what flexing really is. To make them understand it’s not all about twisting up your arms.

RYS: What was your latest project?

Slicc: Yea I was in a tour in Europe. Germany, in Different towns like Manhanniem, Baden, Baden, Bremen, Mainz, Frankfurt & then I went to Switzerland.

RYS: Any artist you want to dance for? Why?

Slicc: If I had to choose an artist I wanted to work with it would be Rihanna because all her music gives culture Reggae Feel to It!

RYS: What was your experience like winning at Rep your style?

Slicc: My experience winning at Rep Your style was a great. Giving the judges and crowd something different To Talk about until the Next Rep Your style.

RYS: What’s your Motto?

SLICC:I am Flexing’s Own MainEventt, Slicc!

Check him out in this video below at Rep Your Style International!!!

Give it up to Slicc for winning this event and being a part of the Rep Your Style team. Be sure to see him in upcoming Rep Your Style projects and of course his own. You can check him out in the links below.

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